3 Unique Business Marketing Strategies

To be competitive enough, you need to market your business. Since there are many people marketing their businesses, you need to be unique in order to get the attention of many customers. Some of the unique strategies that you can use include:

Renting space

Here you need to find websites of the major players in your industry and ask the owners to rent you advertising space. While many companies will not allow you to do this, there are some that will.

If you are finding it hard to find advertising space on a website, you should try looking for space on Facebook. You should approach a well known person in your industry such as the CEO of a big company and ask him/her to allow you to advertise on his/her Facebook page.

Being allowed to advertise on a Facebook page is synonymous to being given a recommendation which will give your business a great image.

Sponsor a great cause

Over 90% of people say that they have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause that they care about. You should take advantage of this and sponsor a cause that will have an effect on the people you target as your customers.

For example, if the people in your area are struggling with unclean water, you should consider digging a borehole for them.

This will not only give your company a great image, but it will also increase your sales as more people will want to be associated with you.

Be wacky

You need to stop being like everyone else and be unique. For example, you can use humor and slang in your professional blog. When doing this you need to avoid going overboard to the extent of losing customers. Two of the best companies that expertly make use of this are: Betabrand and AppSumo.

Another unique way of marketing is by advertising in unique places. For example, you can advertise in napkins in areas where your target customers frequent. You can also advertise in public restroom mirrors.

Advertising in unique areas will most likely attract the attention of many people and as a result many people will read your advert and get to know of your business.


These are some of the unique business marketing strategies that you can use in promoting your business. As mentioned, you should avoid overdoing it or else you will lose potential customers

Painting Business Marketing Tips

Marketing is an important part of running a successful painting business. No matter how good you are at doing professional paint work, it won’t help you if you don’t have a marketing strategy in place to promote and sell the services that you offer.

In this article we look at how effective painting business marketing strategies can help your company get the painting jobs that you need on a regular basis. We also off ideas and tips on putting such a marketing plan together.

Branding Strategy

Right from the start you should set out to develop a brand. Give some thoughts to how you want to shape public perceptions of your business. A great name and logo design can give your brand visual representation but there is much more to it than that. A winning brand strategy is to have the right attitude and to adopt a business philosophy that will ensure that you slowly start to develop a good reputation. Strive to become known as a reliable company that always meets and exceeds customer expectations.

Painting Niche Markets

Before you can start to develop a marketing strategy you need to know exactly what painting services you intend on selling. Depending on the size of your local market and the number of competitors you may decide to specialize in one particular area or to be a ‘jack of all trades’.

The market can basically divided into two broad areas, exterior and interior painting. Exterior or outdoor painting work is usually easier to get as people are less likely to do it themselves due to the perceived danger of getting up on ladders. The great thing about outdoor painting work is that customers are usually less demanding then they are when you are painting surfaces inside their home. With outdoor painting you do have to consider safety to a much greater extent though, particularly for multi story buildings. You don’t even have to limit yourself to house painting as all kinds of buildings need painting from time to time.

Market Research

Do some thorough market research and identify all of the opportunities that are out there in the market. You also need to try to understand who your customers are likely to be and how you can market your service to them in a way that they will respond favorably. Put together some customer profiles and chat to a few typical customers to find out more from their prospective. Get into the customers shoes and try to understand what they are looking for in a painting company.

Networking Tips

One great way to pick up some regular jobs is to approach people who you think are in a position to be able to refer customers to you. Try to make relationships with property developers, interior decorators, real estate agents, home staging companies, property management firms and others who are out there in the market. Other networking options include joining a local builders association or the Chamber of Commerce.

Look for other well established service businesses that have large lists of clients and regular communication with them. You may find cleaning companies or lawn care businesses that will promote your service to their mailing list for a fee.

It can be great to have relationships with other painting contractors. While they are competitors in some sense of the word, they can also be helpful. If you specialize in different kinds of painting or you work in different parts of town then you may just be able to refer business to each other. If you are lucky there may be times when you have more work then you can handle. Being able to pass work on to other painters that you know are reliable will be good for your customers and good for them. They may also reciprocate and send work your way.

One great place to meet people is at home improvement stores. The painting section in Home Depot can be a gold mine if you are friendly and strike up some casual conversations. You will meet other contractors there and you may even meet a customer as well.

Advertising Campaigns

The obvious way for a new business to get in touch with prospective customers is through advertising. Test a variety of methods that will put you directly in touch with your target market. For more information see our article on Painting Business Advertising.

Marketing Materials

It helps if you have some marketing materials to show to prospective customers when you meet them for a consultation. Have some brochures made up or at least take a folder along with you with pictures of some of the jobs that you have completed in the past. Testimonials from previous customers also offer the prospect the kind of reassurance and ‘social proof’ that they want before they sign the dotted line.

What can you do if you have not completed any paint jobs yet or don’t have any suitable photos? One great tip is to purchase stock photography from an online retailer. Featuring pictures of beautiful paint jobs in your brochure or on your website is not fraudulent if you don’t make false claims about the depicted work being your own.

Internet Marketing and Its Effects on Online Business

nternet marketing and its effects on online business

There was an era when salesmen were seen as the prime and to an extent only important essential in product marketing schemes. Sooner it led to market competition and various creative methodologies were adopted for the same. What did not change were the basic available resources. It was all a ground work and how much they would have wanted; paper and people seem to be only available assets. However, with the advent of internet and the onset of digital age, the landscape saw a complete overhaul.

Internet Marketing On Rise

Today’s tech savvy generation is in lookout for instant options for their demands. Platform like Yahoo, Google etc have brought information on silver platter. Industries and corporate have realized the potential internet has brought along with it in terms of revenue. Today, even a ‘brick and mortar’ company understands what difference it will make to them simply with the online presence.

Internet Marketing and Industry Revenue

One of the most crucial aspects of internet marketing is its cost effectiveness. It is so cheap that it has become business imperative. A simple yet creative marketing scheme will take an interactive website and promotion strategy. There has been a steady rise in the demand of tech savvy people who can help the corporate in expanding their online presence. The positive result that this internet marketing scheme has brought along with itself has turned industry-consumer interactions into real time. There are various components that need to be carefully considered before starting such a campaign:

    1. Availability of a user friendly website that provides easy access to company’s resources and products.


    1. An innovative promotional strategy that is not only competitive as per market standards but is also in sync with company’s future expectations


    1. Attention to Search Engine Optimisation and content marketing. They seem to have joined at the hip in recent years. Where on one hand, SEO will be the technical aspect of the company’s website; it is the content that should catch the user attention.


  1. Product mailers/regular newsletters and building consumer database

Successful Business Marketing

The first thing to establish when creating a marketing campaign is a target audience. An ideal customer is not always the same as any customer. Work up to that goal of accumulating ideal customers, but start with the customer that frequents every day. An easy first step is determining if that usual customer is male or female and what age range would they fall in. But, the more useful next step is determining the defining characteristics that set them apart from the others, such as having children, owning a home or being educated.

The next step is determining what marketing source best targets that core audience. A children’s clothing store that targets stay at home mothers would not be spending wisely if they were to invest in a new heavy metal station’s overnight radio rotation, even if it is the cheapest option. Don’t be afraid to ask around; what would make the list for favorite magazines or television shows?

Once a target audience and medium(s) are selected, the next step is to determine what it would take to make an effective campaign. People normally need to be told a message more than once to drive a point across. A consistent message keeps successful businesses at the top of mind of their customers at all times. This is so that even if the need isn’t presently there, the reminder will be when it is.

The most important part of successful marketing is sending the right message out to the public. The message should not only include the basic information about a company, such as where they are located and how to contact them, but also what makes the business unique. A customer needs to not only hear a message to react to it; the customer must also hear something that relates to them. There needs to be a reason to choose a particular business over all of its competitors.

Vending Machine Business Marketing Plan

inding great vending locations is one thing but to have any hope of being a success in this business you have to become good at convincing location managers to let you place your machines on their premises. What you need is a marketing strategy to help you to get in touch with prospective clients and successfully sell your service to them. This article looks at how you can put together a vending business marketing plan.

Who will do your Marketing?

Ideally, you should approach clients yourself so that you can learn as you go and keep costs to a minimum. Hiring someone to handle your marketing for you is also an option. You could even consider using the services of a professional ‘locator’ and many businesses have sprung up that offer this service to vendors.

What are you Marketing?

The first step is to define exactly what you are trying to sell. This is not as easy as it sounds as the needs and opportunities at every location will be different. Most business models in other industries require you to choose a product or service and then go out and find a market for it. In vending you would be foolish to buy machines and then go on the lookout for suitable locations. Instead you should be aware of a variety of vending machines and then consider the needs and opportunities of each location on a case by case basis. Win the account first and then acquire the machines to service the location.

Who are you Marketing to?

Think about who your clients are and how you can design a marketing campaign that will appeal to them specifically. You may have to adjust your strategies if you target a variety of different businesses and organizations.

If you are approaching schools for instance you should let them know that you can stock your machines with healthy snacks if they require. Take along some samples for them to try and let them know that you strongly agree with their decision to limit their student’s intake of junk food.

Make your Vending Machine Business more Marketable

Try to be different with your machines, your service and how you approach your business. Managers at most of the top locations will have already been approached by your competitors and if they want machines then they will have them by now.

Try to offer something different or think of a concept that will really appeal to the location in question and add value for their customers. Get inside a business owner’s head and think about what they need to improve about their business. Really listen to each client and offer them a customized solution that is tailor made to suit their needs.

One good way to strengthen your marketing is to form an association with a vending machine charity and carry an official letter from them to your meetings. Let prospects know that for every month your vending machine is located on their premises you will donate a certain amount of money to your charity partner. This usually ends up cheaper than giving them a commission and you can feel good about doing some good in the community.

If the ‘decision maker’ seems determined to get a commission then you should come out with a set percentage of the machines takings. Be prepared to go a little higher if they want to negotiate. Let them know that you will pay them every time you come to collect money from the machine. You can even offer to let them watch you empty the machine and count the money so that they can be sure that they are getting their share.

You will also stand a much better chance of winning large accounts if you carry liability insurance of at least a million dollars, which only costs around $40 to $80 a month depending on certain variables. Vending machines are pretty safe these days but accidents have been known to happen.

Get Started by Networking

Many people get started locating vending machines through friends, family members and associates. You are bound to know business owners or people in management positions so this is a great way to kick off your marketing efforts. If you let them know that you are going into vending they may consider your services or introduce you to other ‘decision makers’. The more networking you do and the more you let people know about your business the more likely you are to get referrals. Consider joining your local Chamber of Commerce or other local business associations.

Contacting ‘Decision Makers’ Directly

After you have exhausted your personal connections you will have to look elsewhere for opportunities. Once you have some locations in mind you can then try to contact the ‘decision makers’ there directly.

Door-to-door cold calling is the most common approach that is used in the vending industry. Phoning businesses directly can also work well but you will probably be able to make the best impression if you visit locations in person.

To be successful, someone should be pounding the pavements at least one or two days a week representing your business and looking for new locations.

The first step is to drop off your business card, introduce yourself, identify the ‘decision maker’ and find out if they currently have any machines in place. The next step is to push for an appointment with the ‘decision maker’ to go over what you have to offer them or to explain how your solution is better than the one their current operator is providing.


While vending is a business where you usually have to go out and get the customer you can also expect some customers to come to you if you advertise effectively. A Yellow Pages advertisement and advertising on your vehicle can go along way toward bringing in new leads. You should also have a website set up that is optimized for keywords that people might enter if they are looking for vendors in your area.

Closing the Deal

Once you have an appointment lined up you then need to look at how you plan on winning the account. Set out to impress with your machines by taking along a machine sample (only suitable for smaller machines) or a folder with photographs. Also take along samples of some of the products that you will be vending through your machines and hand them out to management to try.

Let prospects know what’s in it for them by highlighting some of the advantages that your machine can offer such as how it can offer their employees more convenience or act as a feature that enhances the experience of their patrons. Understand common concerns that they may have and address them one by one